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Stafford Beer: The Falcondale Collection

Beer, Stafford and Liverpool John Moores University (1994) Stafford Beer: The Falcondale Collection. [Data Collection]


The Falcondale Collection is a series of nine tapes where Professor Stafford Beer initiates a small group into the world of systems and managerial cybernetics, including the Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity™ in conversation at the Falcondale Hotel, Lampeter North Wales.

The conversations cover art, science and philosophy on one hand and practical applications in society, government, community, management and business on the other. The relaxed setting provided a natural flow of discussion, gave opportunity to review and explore ideas in a context unlike conventional lectures.

Transcripts for each recording are also available.

Tape 1 The History and Origins of Cybernetics: Part 1
Tape 2 The History and Origins of Cybernetics: Part 2
Tape 3 Complexity and the Measure of Variety
Tape 4 Homeostasis and Viability
Tape 5 The Elemental Organisational Unit
Tape 6 The Horizontal & Vertical Variety Balance
Tape 7 The Viable System Model: ‘The Inside & Now’
Tape 8 The Viable System Model: ‘The Outside & Then’
Tape 9 Syntegration

Creators: Beer, Stafford and Liverpool John Moores University
Uncontrolled Keywords: Stafford Beer, Cynbernetics, Falcondale Collection, Team Syntegrity, Syntegration, Viable System Model.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.24377/LJMU.d.00000006
Division: Library Services
Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2017 14:01
Last Modified: 08 Nov 2023 09:19
URI: https://opendata.ljmu.ac.uk/id/eprint/6


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