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The Primary Home Learning Environment

Simmons, Fiona and Adams, Anne Marie and Soto Calvo, Elena (2021) The Primary Home Learning Environment. [Data Collection]


125 parent-child dyads were assessed as part of an extension to a project examining the impact of the preschool home learning environment on children’s academic development (Soto-Calvo et al., 2020). The extension project examined associations between the preschool home learning environment, the primary home learning environment and children’s academic skills. In the second term of Year 1 (child Mage = 72 months, SD = 4 months), children’s parents/carers completed a questionnaire that assessed the primary home learning environment. In the third term of Year 1 the children (Mage =75 months, SD = 4 months) completed assessments of reading, mathematics, vocabulary, working memory and phonological awareness. In the first term of Year 2 (Mage = 79 months, SD = 4 months) the children completed assessments of spelling and writing and responded to questionnaires assessing mathematics self-efficacy and mathematics anxiety.

Soto-Calvo, E., Simmons, F. R., Adams, A., Francis, H. N., Patel, P. & Giofrè, D. (2020). Identifying the preschool home learning experiences that predict early number skills: Evidence from a longitudinal study, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53, 14-328, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecresq.2020.04.004

Creators: Simmons, Fiona and Adams, Anne Marie and Soto Calvo, Elena
Uncontrolled Keywords: Home learning; Mathematics; Reading; Writing
DOI: https://doi.org/10.24377/LJMU.d.00000094
Division: Psychology (new Sep 2019)
Date Deposited: 27 May 2021 09:09
Last Modified: 28 May 2021 08:37
URI: https://opendata.ljmu.ac.uk/id/eprint/94





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